Changing to Top Tier ISP Does Not Guarantee Quality and Value for Customer

August 18, 2016
angry man due to slow internet

Whenever we experience consistent bad service from our current internet service, what we usually do (apart from complaining that is) is to transfer to a nother provider.

Such is the case of Judith Cairns, a citizen from Queensland, who changed her Internet service provider from Optus to Telstra due to slow service.

But here’s the real kicker mate, it went from bad to absolutely the worst, as Cairns said that they’re experiencing connection drop outs like there’s no tomorrow. In addition to that, they experienced a period of 11 days without an Internet connection.

Let us repeat that, 11 DAYS WITH NO CONNECTION AT ALL FROM TELSTRA. A situation so bad, that she compared her situation to a third world country.

As it seems, changing to a top-tier ISP does not guarantee quality or valuable service for customers.

According to Judith Cairns, “We are not in a third world country but you would think we are at times.”

For years now, Australians from remote and rural areas have been complaining about bad Internet service and it seems like, no matter which internet service provider (ISP) you subscribe to, they provide all the same – an unreliable and slow Internet connection.

But let’s be fair, putting out blanket statements like that does more harm than good, as we believe that there are still Internet service providers out there that really does everything it can to give out a reliable service, but they are becoming increasingly rare.

The nbn™ rollout that every Australians are waiting for is moving at a glacial pace, which is why not many can really rely on that relief.

The I Want Fast Internet Community continues to receive multiple cases similar to what Judith Cairns experienced and we expect it to increase as long as ISPs continues with their unreliable service.

We deserve a consistent and fast Internet connection and we want it to come anytime soon.

For those of you curious, here is Judith’s full letter, unchanged and unedited for your reading.

We changed from Optus to Telstra a we had shocking internet. Now that we have Telstra it is not much batter. we have drop outs on and off and then with the 11 days without internet due to Telstra it was shocking. we are not in a third world country but you would think we are at times. this is just crazy. we shoudl not be paying for what we are getting because it is def NOT value for money.