Bill Morrow: Australians Won’t Even Use High-Speed Internet Even If Offered For Free

March 9, 2017

Can you believe this? Really?


The head of the National Broadband Network (NBN) claimed that Aussies would not want and use high-speed broadband Internet “even if we offered it for free”.


Bill Morrow, NBN Co chief executive, revealed last month regarding the company’s half-yearly results that the network has 1.6 million subscribers even though the fastest download speeds has not been accessed.


Morrow still had the nerve to claim these despite the 100 percent increase of complaints submitted in the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman about the NBN last financial year with most of the complaints are about slow download speeds being experienced by users of the $49 billion network.


Take note, if a consumer or business is connected to internet speeds that reach up to one gigabyte per second, a whole movie can be downloaded in 3 minutes at most and an hour-long television show in 16 seconds. That is how fast a consumer can experience download.


The lack of high-speed internet connection has pulled down Australia from the rest of the world in terms of technology, said Internet Australia chief executive Laurie Patton via Courier Mail.


Patton also commented on Morrow’s remarks, saying that Morrow’s comment was “the greatest spin since people invented washing machines.”


Even though there were promises laid out to the public that download speeds will up to one gigabit per second on the NBN since 2013, Morrow explained otherwise, saying that there was NBN provider who offers such high-speed plans to business and consumers.


Morrow also added that there was not “that big of a demand out there” for that fast internet speed, and stated that Internet service providers from overseas who are offering the same plans discovered consumers were not making the most of it.


“Even if we offered it for free, we see the evidence around the world that they wouldn’t use it anyway,” Morrow said via Courier Mail. “We know there are things on the horizon that are going to increase the need for further demand.”


“Whether you think about (augmented reality) or (artificial intelligence) or any of these other elements with media streaming at 4K and 8K and immersive sound; all of these things could drive up consumer need but we haven’t seen that as of yet,” Morrow said.


“Roughly” 1.5 million residential homes in Australia were candidates to experience gigabit internet connection, said Morrow.


“We have a product that we can offer the retailers should they want to sell it. A couple of retailers have signed up to our trial base where they’re looking at what a 1Gbps service might look like but they have chosen not to offer it consumers,” Morrow said via iTNews. “I presume there isn’t that big a demand out there for them to actually develop a product to sell to those end users.”


In a nutshell, saying that Aussies will not make the most of the super-fast internet even if it was free is shocking and blood boiling. There are a lot of Australians experiencing fluctuating connections, data droughts, and super slow download speeds. Let them experience the internet speed they deserve.

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