Sky Muster Performance Gets Slammed by NT Government

March 30, 2017
nbn sky muster northern territory

What was once supposed to be the solution for the age old problems of internet reliability confounding regional, rural and remote communities has become another redundant technology that is failing to discover. We’re talking about the National Broadband Network’s expensive satellite called Sky Muster.

Add the Northern Territory government among the many regions that Sky Muster service have failed with its rosy promise as communities in the region are experiencing multiple drop-offs in connection as well as sub-standard speeds far below that of the ADSL service.


Sky Muster is a Broken Service

As detailed by many news outlets and computer world, the Sky Muster service has done its fair share of inconvenience ranging from telehealth services, online applications and residential areas. The NBN’s clunky satellite also has problems amidst the turbulent weather conditions in the area.

As the Sky Muster service already disappoints with its dependability, many regional communities are also not getting any connection right when they need it the most.

“In a natural disaster satellite communications are likely to fail precisely at the time a community needs them the most,” the submission argued as relayed by Computer World.

The NT government also stated that the NBN and its broken service were painfully oblivious to the gargantuan task of providing a stable internet connection for the bush. In a series of meeting set from last year with NBN management heads and their government supporters, no concrete steps were taken in order to address the superbly patchy connection of Sky Muster out in the NT region.

In their defense, the NBN stated numerous times that they tried using a “software update” in order to address the mounting complaints against Sky Muster. Many called the update an insincere band-aid solution facing a rapidly ageing broadband framework that is looking likely to be less reliable as we march 2020 onwards.


Fixed Wireless Sought

The NT government is seeing the diminishing returns from the NBN’s supposed “new and improved” satellite service as it is failing in a grand scale. With no decent solution in place for remedying this Sky Muster problem, the NT government is calling upon a change of technology where the NBN Fixed Wireless broadband may prove to be a better platform compared to Sky Muster.

“The Government notes that existing policy already allows NBN Co to match the right technology to the right location,” the government’s response. “This approach will see the network finished as soon as possible at the least cost to taxpayers.”

Ideally, the NBN could shift a lot of Sky Muster service areas into Fixed Wireless, but if that means they could, they probably would not as their methodology and logic in determining which areas get which technology (in this case fixed wireless) happen to be a closed decision between its administrative and technical departments. The NBN maintains the cheapest technology available for the area in order to deliver the internet.

In the case of many areas having to deal with the exasperating Sky Muster collection, the NBN won’t budge a finger as expanding the Fixed Wireless coverage means that they would have to build new wireless towers in areas that are under Sky Muster. The NBN won’t and they would probably reason out that the NT territory does not need the speeds offered by the Fixed wireless speed tiers.

Such is the NBN logic and we’re paying for it. The sooner that 5G lands out in the bush, the better.