NBN in King Valley is Failing Miserably

April 12, 2017
slow internet

NBN was expected by many as the modern-day answer to the difficulty in accessing the Internet. But things did not come out as promised since NBN has become a letdown for people living and working in the North East.


Meet Toni Brezac, a single mum who lives on a rural Wangandary property with her two children. When she learned that the old copper lines would be shut down after 18 months, she decided to make the switch—to connect to the NBN.


Having a tight budget, Ms. Brezac chose to connect to the NBN landline and mobile internet for her mobile phone, which she thought was very reliable to use. Unfortunately, she was left frustrated when she experienced a flat tyre and needed help—she found it hard to contact people using her mobile phone.


“I panicked and I had to walk half a kilometre up the road to the neighbours to use their phone,” she said via The Border Mail. “It really hits home that we are isolated, it’s not easy.”


“I do feel we’ve been mislead a bit,” the mum of two said. “I’m very concerned we won’t have copper wire anymore – severe weather seems to affect the NBN,” she added via The Border Mail.


After telling her internet company so many times to fix her internet connection problem, she had no luck. But because of perseverance, she is now able to experience watching a movie with her current Internet connection.


What Ms. Brezac did was she spoke to Indi MP Cathy McGowan’s office and learned her rights as a customer and threatened to switch connections without any payment since it was the fault of the NBN, to begin with.


“Suddenly, after three to four weeks of sheer hell, it can be fixed,” Ms. Brezac said via The Border Mail.


Even though the complaints of Ms. Brezac are already settled, there are others who are still experiencing “sheer hell” of an internet connection, especially businesses in the area.


Dal Zotto Wines, a wine store in King Valley, has reached to the point of looking for alternatives that continuing to use the crappy NBN Internet connection because their connection in King Valley was so poor.


Winemaker Michael Dal Zotto said that the business’ a cloud-based server could not be accessed at times because the NBN Sky Muster service is always dropping out during business hours.


“We’ll be working on it one minute, then it’ll be dropping out,” he said via The Border Mail. “It’s a bit frustrating — we’ve got growing businesses here, we want what everyone else has.”


Moreover, not only the Internet is experiencing problems, but also mobile signal, especially during the weekends when there are busy tourists exploring and strolling.


“Don’t bother sending a text, don’t bother trying to post anything to social media to promote the event,” Mr. Dal Zotto said via The Border Mail.


He said that they are considering of using a wireless broadband plan since they think this would be a faster and better value of money instead of staying connected to the NBN.


There are so many areas in the Land Down Under suffering poor internet connection. And to make things worse, mobile reception is also weak that many people are struggling to fix their emergencies. Until when will the people of Australia shout and wait for faster Internet? What Aussies need is a solution to the problem, not things that can only provide a temporary fix for it. Why not give it to them now that they are suffering so much of this “sheer hell” that NBN is making them experience.