NBN Doing More Damage than Good for Aussie Homes and Businesses

April 18, 2017
NBN Aussie

Newsflash Australia. The National Broadband Network is doing more damage than benefits – that is, according to its users.

According to The Herald Sun, the NBN’s service is so slow and so unreliable that businesses are losing customers and household users are getting less than a hundredth of the broadband speed THEY ARE PAYING FOR.

We really wish that this is a joke, but it isn’t. In fact, reports said that formal complaints about the NBN’s faults, which consist of slow data speeds and drop outs, rose by a whopping 148 percent last year. If that’s not an indication of bad service, then we don’t know what is.

In addition, fault complaints grow quicker than the rate of new customers that the NBN acquires.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network CEO Teresa Corbin said, “The levels of fault complaints are particularly high and concerning.”

And in not-so-surprising news, NBN co did not provide an official explanation why their service is so bad.

But experts, however, have a theory why: It’s because they are rushing to finish the broadband rollout that it’s starting to affect quality.

Some subscribers, particularly a man named Neil Dallimore pays $120 to get the top NBN package of 100 Mbps speed. But surprise, surprise, what he’s getting is nowhere close to that.

According to Mr. Dallimore, it’s rare that he gets speed better than 5 Mbps. Considering he’s paying top dollar for a speed that he doesn’t even get, he said that the price he pays should be reduced.

He’s not alone.Another customer named Greg Conomos is also paying the $120 package, but usually gets 1 to 3 Mbps.

He said, “the NBN network isn’t capable of maintaining a constant dial-up modem speed let alone being the latest and fastest network in Australia”. He said he was effectively being forced to pay an extra $40 per month.”

Fortunately, there are still some Internet service providers out there that back up their claims, but the NBN isn’t one of those.