Rent AU Listing NBN Availability on Listed Properties

April 28, 2017
NBN Availability

It’s as if it couldn’t get anymore incompetent. A third party organisation had to compile NBN’s availability on a list rented properties.

In a report by The Australian, rental property website compiled a list to tell would-be renters if the property is connected to the broadband network.

Its CEO, Greg Bader, the reason they did this is because of overwhelming requests from renters because NBN’s own website is now well-equipped. Basically – it’s useless.

“What we have done is taken public information and then presented it in a format that is easier to digest for our customers,” he said.

When rent-seekers search a property they can see the basic NBN information of each property in the summary — whether the NBN is ‘available’, ‘scheduled’, or ‘unknown’.

“I understand the general frustration from renters, people want to see as much relevant information as they can — in the one place,” Mr Bader said.

“I don’t think people actually select a property purely based on the available broadband options but for some customers it does form part of the consideration set. I see it as similar to our Walk Score (the general “walkability” of a neighbourhood).

“It is general information that a renter can use to hopefully make a more informed decision. Choosing a new home is a huge decision, so the better informed someone is, the better for everyone.”

Mr Bader also added that the RENT site had 80,000 active listings from across the country at any point in time, which resulted into some interesting statistics around the NBN rollout.

“When you look at the data in aggregate, we see that around a third of our properties have NBN available right now and we will finish 2017 with about half, this generally aligns with NBN’s own releases, although we would have more of a skew to major population centres,” he said.

“We can also see the impact of the ‘multi-technology’ strategy for fixed line services, not surprisingly it varies between the states. I have not followed NBN too closely for a while but I was a little surprised in that the FTTP penetration was lower than I expected.”