NBN Sky Muster Speeds Need Thorough Review

June 13, 2017
Stephen Jones


Due to the issues of constant fluctuations of connectivity and never ending consumer complaint over the reliability of the NBN’s Sky Muster satellite service, the labor are calling for a review of the Sky Muster.

In 2015, the NBN have launched Sky Muster in hopes of introducing a better satellite service compared to its ISS satellite connection, Sky Muster has thoroughly disappointed since its commercial availability.

In late 2016, the second NBN Sky Muster satellite was launched as a backup and in the hopes of extending the service of the NBN satellite in other remote areas.

In the statistics divulge by the press, only 3307 premises are connected to Sky Muster out of the 14,800 premises designated by the NBN for eligibility to the Sky Muster service.

Labor’s regional communications spokesman Stephen Jones described the NBN’s satellite service as a chronic pain to customers and what makes it worst is the lack of transparency by NBN Co regarding its faulty service.

“There’s a myriad of problems with Sky Muster, including installation issues, frequent outages and a frustrating lack of transparency between NBN Co and retail service providers, not to mention the severe data restrictions,” Jones was quoted by the examiner.

Jones also cited numerous customer complaints over the Sky Muster service:

“There is no end to consumer complaints about the installation process, about service reliability and about data limits.”

“It’s not uncommon for people to have three of four dropouts a day,” he said.

“If you’re running a business or using it to educate your children that’s just not good enough.”

NBN Tasmania corporate affairs manager Russell Kelly was left no choice but nod about the problems facing Sky Muster satellite.

“We now have a more stable and better performing service with the weekly incident rate down by 80 per cent to achieve industry best practice levels.”

Image Courtesy: Examiner.com.au