ACCAN Survey: 70 per cent of NBN Customers Experienced Faulty Connections

July 12, 2017
Poor NBN service

Looks like more waves of complaints are expected to come in the coming months as frustrations from consumers have been all the widespread rollout in Australia of the National Broadband Network (NBN) is producing, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

According to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO), there are over 13, 406 complaints filed in the last financial year. These complaints comprise 11.9 per cent of the total complaints filed on the TIO, which show that NBN customers are five times higher to complain about their services compared to non-NBN users. Compared to the year before the mentioned financial year, the complaints filed were 5.4 per cent higher.

Consumer advocacy groups believe that transparency is the key to lessen the frustrations circling around the NBN.

CEO of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), Teresa Corbin, said that clearer information is needed to be provided in order for consumers to know the difference between theoretical speeds and what can be achieved.

“An ACCAN survey conducted in 2016 found that nearly 70 per cent of respondents had unsatisfactory experiences with their broadband services,” she said as quoted by The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The top reason given was slow speeds at some times of the day.

“We believe that this shows that consumers need clearer information about broadband speeds.

“Currently, they rely on advertised speeds from retail service providers. These are often advertised using terms like ‘speeds up to’ which are confusing and do not reflect the actual speeds a consumer can expect from the service.”

Well, good news, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission released a program to become a watchdog of internet speed performances of home broadband for consumers to know what they are really getting from the deal, as reported by

“Plans are commonly advertised on headline speed claims which may only be achievable in ideal test conditions and not what consumers should expect to obtain in real world everyday use,” Ms. Corbin said in their website. “Claims are qualified with an elusive list of factors that can affect performance, but this is difficult for consumers to engage with or apply to their service.

“If they are experiencing poor quality services, consumers may benefit from switching providers. However, it is almost impossible for the consumer to know whether this would be a good decision because information on provider performance is not currently available to consumers. This leaves consumers with the choice to stay with their current provider or risk switching to another without any performance data assisting their decision.”

With all this, the NBN should get prepared for the next waves of complaints of consumers that will come their way. And it’s sure to be higher than reports mentioned here.

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