Toowoomba Household Can’t Avail of Medical Alarm Due to Faulty NBN Installers

August 3, 2017
George Helon

A Toowoomba resident has had enough with the NBN after months of unsuccessful tries in making the network installed in his home.

The Chronicle reported that the Mother and son, Elizabeth Helon and George Helon, are doing their best to get NBN connection right after their ADSL is canceled on August 11. They said they don’t simply want the NBN, they need it.

Mr. Helon was born multiple-anomaly genetic disorder Pallister-hall syndrome. There are only 300 recorded cases in the whole world so far. Symptoms of the diseases may be different per person as it affects the development of different parts of the body.

According to The Chronicle, Mr. Helon is almost profoundly deaf. He is also diagnosed with a 4.5cm brain tumour that cannot be operated anymore and gelastic seizures. Not only that, he is also the caretaker of his elderly mother. Both of them have had phone emergency before and they are deeply concerned if their ADSL gets cut off before an NBN connection is installed. An absence of internet connection can cause serious, life-threatening issues.

The mother and son’s first disconnection letter arrived in April. This prompted Mr. Helon to go straight to the nearest NBN office he could go. He went to a Telstra store in Toowoomba to apply for NBN connection. With his medical condition, his request was placed on the priority list. However, this is not yet a happy ending for Mr. Helon, but the start of his nightmares.

“I have made contact with Telstra and NBN 14 times in the past three months and nothing is happening,” he said, as quoted by The Chronicle. “They either don’t show up, don’t phone me back and when they have shown up they have said there are issues with our signal.”

Last month, Mr. Helon filed an official complaint with the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

“It is just going too far. My mum is so stressed, she cries and can’t deal with it,” he said as quoted by The Chronicle. “We have been trying for months to get this connected because we cannot go without the internet or a phone connection.

“If something happens to one of us we have to be able to contact emergency services straight away.”

WIth NBN’s recent rollout, Toowoomba was named one of the most connected regions in the country, saying that there is an average of about 144GB of data each month of downloads from connected homes.

In contrast to what NBN is claiming, Mr. Helon said this was a joke.

“If you ask around in Toowoomba, you will find a lot of people not happy with their internet,” he said.

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