Businesses are Losing Productivity Upon NBN Switch

August 16, 2017
Small Business owner in australia

Loss of profit is among the results the National Broadband Network’s rollout is providing small businesses in the country.

Businesses should have great service but it looks like NBN is lacking it since a lot of customers are having trouble in all stages of interaction with the company and its internet services. Members of the Council of Small Business Australia are shouting their concerns regarding the lack poor service of the NBN, which are causing problems for them that are obviously leading to loss of profit, as reported by The Australian.

These businesses are definitely frustrated and “shocked” from the slow connection and poor services they are experiencing right now. The comments were made after a top telco analyst said that there are a number of NBN providers that seem to have been building business models based on the expectation the federal government will release billions of dollars from the value of the network.

Peter Strong, small-business council’s chief executive, said the information that was given to the public was “not a reality” and slow internet speeds have given damage to many businesses.

“When people think NBN, they think fast internet but then they sign up and find they are getting slower speeds than they were before,” he said. “We were told it would be so fast it would shock us. It has shocked us but not because it’s fast.”

Mr. Strong revealed there were reports from members regarding many problems concerning internet connection drops and patchy services

“Four hours’ downtime could be so much money; it could also mean you’ve lost that customer you’ve been waiting for,” he said.

Moreover, according to The Australian, there will be millions of Australians who will see internet speeds to drop once they get NBN internet services. Even if the cost is the same in terms of access fees, there is no escaping the incompetence of the NBN. So, better watch out.

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