NBN: Toowoomba Most Connected Region to NBN Rollout

August 23, 2017

Labeled as one of the most connected regions, but residents say otherwise.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) has said it. The Network giant proclaimed Toowoomba as one of the most connected regions in the country in terms of internet connection.

According to a report by The Queensland Times, Kylie Lindsay, NBN senior corporate affairs manager for Queensland, announced that the region is at the forefront of the nationwide upgrade.

Lindsay also said in a statement that the connected residents were able to download an average of 144GB per month, which is 20 per cent more compared to the national fixed-line broadband average.

Despite the good news that the NBN wants to share, residents of Toowoomba don’t seem to be amused by it.

150 people took to social media their comments regarding the announcement. There were claims that the NBN connection has only brought trouble to the area, as The Chronicle reported.

One of them, Rick Osbourne, shared he can’t even get his home connected to the service, saying ” “their response is that you have been missed”.

On the other hand, connected users such as Sue Batchelor said her connection is slower than broadband, while Florence Brennan said only trouble came through her door since the first day of her connection to the NBN started.

Other users, Sara Ryan said “you have to be joking, it’s pitiful and non-existent out Highfields way”, while Kylie Sheedy said “I’d hate to see what the rest of the country is like then” and Donna Carlson said “it’s dreadful. Worst thing we ever had connected”.

Not only that, a Toowoomba resident and his mother have been trying to get the NBN service for their medical alarm, but to no avail. Mother and son, Elizabeth Helon and George Helon were doing their best to connect to the NBN once their ADSL is canceled. However, no matter how hard they try, it seems the NBN is prioritising more on the rollout than offering great service to areas that have experienced the rollout, which is a common scenario being run by the NBN.

“I have made contact with Telstra and NBN 14 times in the past three months and nothing is happening,” he said. “They either don’t show up, don’t phone me back and when they have shown up they have said there are issues with our signal.”

Helon, too, is thinking otherwise regarding the rollout, saying “if you ask around in Toowoomba, you will find a lot of people not happy with their internet.”