NBN Testing Multicast to Boost Distance Education

September 18, 2017
Young woman sitting at desk using laptop, in student dormitory

NBN Co already started its six-month trial of multicast services under the Sky Muster in making an effort to help the education sector regarding distance education. Trials have already begun on August 21 and will end around the end of 2017, according to the National Broadband Network.

This may sound good to be true since access to distance education, but not everyone in the education sector is eligible to enter the test run. According to the network builder, the ones who were selected in the project should be aligned with a state or territory education department that cooperates with the distance education and broadband working group of the government.

Not only that, education sectors who are interested in joining should have “in place an existing multicast application delivering lessons to students over satellite”, which only slims the chance of other education sectors who want to participate in the trial and boost their distance education.

Multicasting is a process that lets service providers inject content only once to let other areas have the content through the network-network interface (NNI). This process has already been in existence since 2012 when TV providers introduced it available to use.

Now, students of the distance education can now have the chance to have that “educational port” as long as their connection is under the Sky Muster. Looking back, ITNews reported this strategy was already available in the past, which was two years ago. And Communications Minister Mitch Fifield even flagged the launching of the multicast services over satellite for it to grow the digital education provision.

Even though this strategy will only revolve under the educational purposes and quota is separate from the regular retail NBN service of those who are under the Sky Muster, how about the others who want to have the chance of having distance education but are on a different network. So far, this project is limiting the ones who are on other networks in attaining that education they deserve while at home.

Image Credit: Livestrong