NBN Co Wants Australians to Migrate to NBN Much Quicker

October 12, 2017
switch to nbn

NBN Co wants customers to migrate to their services as soon as possible.

This new strategy wants customers from legacy services to get out of their subscription and transfer to the NBN as the connection giant is “making an effort” to lessen the problems caused by customers who decide to make their move in the last minute.

According to ITNews, the NBN has created a strategy in which it is expecting to have equal distributions of customer activations in the proposed 18-month period, which is between when the NBN Co is ready for service and legacy services are out of the area.

The said move is a new “migrations and disconnections key initiative.” This means that this decision aims to “drives earlier migration of legacy services onto [NBN Co’s] network” as it skips a number of internal business units. With this, the NBN is expecting to have 75 per cent of people to make the switch during the 18-month period. Unfortunately, looking in a different perspective, NBN Co is back at it again with new ways of gathering customers but is still not fixing what needs to be fixed.

And as times go by, a warning for those who are still not making their move yet, expect to have tons of “need to migrate” notifications from the NBN until the actual moment a customer has finally decided to make the switch.

NBN Co claims it will “design and implement an end user journey for services transitioning to any [NBN] technology”.

The process’ purpose is “to ensure that transitioning end user services (legacy active services for both residential and business customers) are identified in sufficient time, that end users have at least six months to place an NBN order prior to reaching a disconnection date, [that] orders are placed and completed in time, and that customer experience is protected during the transition, especially for any safety critical services”

Even though NBN Co is claiming that the move can even out the migration volume, specifically the NBN peak rollout volumes this year and on 2018, there is no doubt NBN will again gain profit from this.