Manoora Homeowner Suffers From NBN’s Bad Service, Warns Neighbours of the Same Problems

October 19, 2017

A warning has been sent out.

Looks like Manoora residents should be wary of the National Broadband Network (NBN) as a resident shares their experience, warning them of possible issues that may once agreed to connect with the network providing giant.

According to a report by The Cairns Post, Albert Jindra waited for six weeks for a simple mishap to be fixed and get his internet connection for real.

It all started with a text message sent by his internet provider TPG on August 10, saying that his Macilwraith St property is now eligible to connect to the NBN. A week of waiting won’t be so bad since seeing the technician arrived and did his thing in finalising the connection process.

But, it is the NBN we are talking about; there will always be something wrong. And Jindra is no exception. The surprise was that there is still no internet connection and phone services available.

TPG said Jindra’s connection was marked as “completed” even though the task was not yet finished. This was only noticed when a news agency was able to reach out to TPG and report what was going on.

“Besides my personal troubles, this situation could happen to other people and, instead of so-called super-fast NBN, they could end up with nothing and without an option to fall back on,” Jindra said.

After the incident, there were two more visits from NBN technicians, and still no progress on the issue; the problem is still not fixed.

“I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for internet providers to check the status of NBN and why NBN doesn’t allow for customers to roll back to previous ­connections in these cases,” Jindra said. “I know many people in our complex who rely on just a landline phone and disconnection would create a huge impact on their lives and health.”

TPG said that they are going to reimburse the payments made by Jinra during the days when he was “connected” to the NBN without the internet connection and phone services.