NBN Installation Work Leaves Trail of Destruction for Logan Homeowner

October 26, 2017


Not only does the National Broadband Network drain your patience with their incompetent customer service and unstable internet connection, they can also cause a mess in your house and front yard, literally. And this is a true story, folks.

Browns Plains man Graham O’Keeffe’s story is like straight out of a television series; every episode is filled with drama and action. According to a report by the Courier Mail, the first episode revolved around the arrival of the NBN workers and how they caused a disaster on Mr O’Keeffe’s front yard. Actually, the worker’s purpose was to install an NBN pole so O’Keeffe can get connected.

The installation was sort of finished, but paid with an expense: Mr O’Keeffe’s was left muddy and the NBN workers removed a part of the gutter of his roof.

“They also damaged the footpath out front by driving their vehicles over where I had returned the previous month from having a new concrete driveway installed,” Mr O’Keeffe said.

“They also left all the lunch scraps on the footpath and deep wheel marks in the nature strip where it had been turfed and top soiled and levelled.

“To top things off, the new NBN cable to the power pole was not secured with an anchor clip, which is 400mm or 500mm from the pole, which means I am still waiting to be connected.”

A week after the wreckage, Mr O’Keeffe reported the story to the NBN and, unfortunately, was denied by the latter. NBNCo continuously denied any wrongdoing from the operation and even denied Mr O’Keeffe of the payment he deserves. With the turn of events, Mr O’Keeffe released his ace—a secret weapon—to prove NBN was in the wrong, and, yes, the network providing giant relented after seeing pictures of the damages done by the NBN workers.

Then, after another week of waiting, the NBN came do what they are supposed to do in the first place before leaving the premises and labelling the operation as finished: they fixed the roof fascia, replaced the gutter and fitted the copy. However, expect already that this is the NBN and the company always provide incompetent service.

After all the things that happened, sad to say, Mr O’Keeffe wasn’t still connected to the broadband network.

Meanwhile, Mr O’Keeffe is not the only one who’s unsatisfied with NBN’s services. Logan City councillor Trevina Schwarz (Div 11) said that the NBN works are needed, but thinks the services are questionable. She also explained that the damage caused by the networking giant has been costing the council thousands of dollars per year.

“The NBN has been going through council roads and road reserves in front of people’s homes and now the state government gas authority has decided to rip up more of Logan footpath areas,” she said.

“They want to lay a gas pipe through some of the southern suburbs to service the state priority development area Greater Flagstone.”

Not only that, Ms Schwarz said that there was no consultation that happened and that mess left is considered a major trip hazard since the areas were only left in a disastrous unfinished state.

“There has been absolutely no consultation to council or residents that there was a major gas line going through our trunk roads,” Ms Schwarz said. “The mess being left behind by NBN and the gas pipeline workers, is a major trip hazard. It is going through urban areas and they are not returfing.

“I think it is reasonable to expect that the people digging up these areas should be responsible to restore them to the condition they found them in,” she added.

“In most instances they’ve just thrown seed around instead of returfing areas, which just isn’t good enough, its unfinished, untidy and open to erosion.

“Our ratepayers should not be expected to foot the bill for their repairs,” Ms Schwarz said.


Image Credit: Couriermail