NBN Can’t Handle the Surging Netflix Demand From Aussie Households

November 14, 2017

You have been warned.

We have all been briefed; actually even before we get connected, there are promises laid out in front of us. We get to see what we can experience on a certain plan based on our respective budgets. We, then, take the plunge while thinking that everything will be all right. However, at the end of the dive, we realise there’s no water and the hard concrete floor is here waiting for us. Once we hit the floor, we get the sudden realisation that promises are meant to be broken—and the NBN just proved that, especially now that they are having a hard time with internet traffic.

According to a report by the New Daily, an expert is warning the public that the surge of streaming is beyond the capacity of what the NBN can handle, thus pushing the internet to the risk of collapsing during peak hours.

“The network could effectively stop between 5pm to 9pm,” Mark Gregory, electronic and telecommunications associate professor at RMIT University, told The New Daily.

What’s worse is that the NBN invested $49 billion in infrastructure, which is known to be the biggest money released by the networking giant for infrastructure, and only to be beaten by the traffic on high definition (HD) online streaming services, such as Netflix.

With this, how will Australians enjoy their binge watching in order to catch up with their favourite series? Since they’re busy with work, this is one of the few things that they could do in order to release stress and enjoy their day offs or time away from work.

What’s frustrating is that the NBN spent a large sum of money on internet infrastructure, and only to find out that it can’t accommodate the increase in the number of Australians streaming videos. This is too much. When will the Australians cry for fast internet and efficient service be heard?