Optus to Offer NBN Sky Muster Services

November 17, 2017
optus sky muster

A new Sky Muster Satellite service provider is joining the market.

It was announced that Optus Satellite will be teaming up with the National Broadband Network (NBN) satellite retail service provider (RSP) Southern Phone in order to provide NBN Sky Muster services that will let people in regional Australia who are currently subscribed to the networking giant have a “dual experience and regional focus”. However, will this be able to change the way Aussies think of the NBN?

In the segregation of labour, Optus will be handling the customer service that will be available to the Southern Phone NBN customers. On the other hand, the latter RSP will be providing the sales and marketing support.

“This new partnership will help us connect with even more regional customers, and importantly make sure that those customers are able to have the same level of support that a customer in a metro area would,” Optus Satellite VP Paul Sheridan said via ZDNet.

“We see this service as a viable and effective alternative to a traditional NBN connection. For some consumers, this will be the first time they’ve been able to connect to a broadband service.”

According to Optus, the partnership and service can help them get more regional customers. This can also help both companies increase their market share.

“With only 80,000 of the NBN’s forecast of 240,000 Sky Muster satellite services connected to date, we look forward to offering our services across the country and making a real difference to the people in regional and rural Australia,” Southern Phone MD David Joss said via ZDNet.

A lot of trouble has been brought to the Land Down Under by the NBN. Many customers, not only in the regional parts of the country but Australia as a whole, is experiencing low-quality service and slow internet speeds which are less than what they’re paying for. The company keeps on introducing new promises, but never is so far fulfilled. Everything that has happened only leaves one question: when will Aussies say that they have fast internet?

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