100,000 Non-NBN Homes and Businesses Face Cut-Off in late January 2018

January 7, 2018
nbn cut-off 2018

Want to be greeted a “Happy New Year” from the NBN? If you are one of the 100,000 non-NBN users in the country, whether residential or commercial, who haven’t transferred to the National Broadband Network, well you’re in bad luck. You are one of the unfortunate people to be disconnected from their internet and landline.

Usually, when an area is already declared as “NBN ready”, the clock will start ticking. They only have a year and a half to decide which provider and plan to get and completely make the switch to the NBN before they get disconnected.

This January marks the 18-month NBN cut-off date. The areas affected, those who are connected to home and landline services from Telstra (some velocity lines not included) and other companies that are utilising Telstra’s copper phone lines will be disconnected. Other users eligible for the disconnection are those connected from ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+, Telstra BigPond cable internet services and Optus cable internet and phone services.

According to Comparison website Finder, Victoria will receive the most damaging blow form all of this. It revealed that there will be 22,000 Victorian premises that are affected, which is the highest compared to the other suburbs. Next is Queensland with 19,988 homes and businesses, followed by Western Australia’s 17,670.

Regarding suburbs, the one taking the hardest blow is Melbourne’s Pakenham with 15,482 homes eligible for disconnection.

“The take-up rate across these areas is on track to meet NBN Co’s target of approximately 73-75 per cent connected homes and businesses at the end of the 18 month migration window,” the spokesman told news.com.au.

“Currently, take-up of services delivered over the nbn network in all areas is on target, with more than 74 per cent of homes and businesses connecting to the network after 18 months of the nbn network becoming available in an area.”

“For those yet to make the switch, it’s important to know that accessing services over the NBN network is not automatic. If people want to maintain their landline phone and internet access they need to contact their preferred phone and internet provider to order a service, or for more information, visit the NBN Co website,” the spokesperson added.