A Third of NBN Subscribers Would Revert Away From NBN If Possible

January 12, 2018
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Actually, there’s no better choice, right? It’s nothing new that people subscribed to the National Broadband Network (NBN) want to leave. There are complaints always coming through no matter where we look at—Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) office, social media, you name it.

However, this report further backs up claims that the NBN is not really performing well. NBN may be reporting their “success”, but it’s still the people who can say it is worth it since they are the ones experiencing it. Dubbed as ‘NBN 2017: The Customer View’, this new report conducted by WhistleOut “aims to discover what it’s actually like to use NBN services, and the results paint an inconsistent picture for Australia.”

The study revealed that only two-thirds (68 per cent) are satisfied with their NBN service, while 32 per cent of NBN users want to get out of their current connection and go back to their non-NBN connection if allowed to.

Unfortunately, when asked about their experience so far with the networking giant, a whopping 86 per cent said the service did not meet their expectations, while 75 per cent said the service is unreliable and only 18 per cent would recommend their NBN service to others.

Regarding the ones who are satisfied, 73 per cent were satisfied since the service they are subscribed to is able to meet their speed expectations, while 85 per cent said they would recommend the service they are in.

“While the research has revealed a broad spectrum of NBN experiences across the country, there’s one thing that’s black and white: if you’re not satisfied with your NBN service then you’ll have wished you never got it,” said Joseph Hanlon, Editor and Publisher at WhistleOut.

“There are many factors that influence someone’s NBN internet experience, but nothing more so than the available internet speed people get. It’s the major cause of headaches for those upset with their NBN service, and the survey findings point towards the lowest NBN speed tier NBN12 as being particularly problematic,” added Hanlon.

“When we compare the performance versus expectations of people using NBN12 plans to those other speed tiers, it becomes clear that NBN12 users are the most likely to be unhappy NBN customers. NBN12 performed the worst in our survey for speed, reliability and overall value.”

Not everyone can avail of the plans they dream of. There are many factors why and budget is one of them. However, NBN promised a certain speed and service, but a number of users are not able to experience it at all; hence piling up the unsatisfied customer complaints.