NBN A Great Disadvantage to Business says Wulguru Business Owner

January 16, 2018
walguru nbn

“We’re getting screwed, as we always do in North Queensland.”

We all know there are a lot of complaints regarding the National Broadband Network. For years, the networking giant has been surrounded by controversies. From the NBN Co CEO Bill Morrow until its technicians, issues have always appeared. Unfortunately, its NBN’s own doing.

Aussies will never stop voicing out their concerns, even if they have to escalate it to the government. Take for example this Wulguru business owner who took matters into his own hands and sent an email to his federal member George Christensen, his local councillor Les Walker and the minister and Opposition spokesman for communications regarding the NBN’s technology. Unfortunately, he has not heard anything from these big people, as reported by the Daily Telegraph.

Dennis Evans, the owner of Dennis’ Computers & Backup Service in Wulguru, voiced out his concern about the inefficient internet speeds of the NBN. He also said this incompetence will kill not only his business, but other businesses as well.

“The whole idea of NBN was that this is going to put everyone in Australia on the same playing field and it’s not,” Mr Evans said. “We’re getting screwed, as we always do in North Queensland.”

The business owner didn’t hesitate in pointing out the different technologies NBN has been offering and introducing. He said that it’s “going to absolutely cripple business” and the “FTTN is just a waste of time.”

The NBN has been continuously saying the rollout and new technology being applied are an effort to reduce the digital divide. Looking at one of their latest projects, fibre-to-the-curb (FTTC) has costed the company time and excessive amount of money, while promising this will become the solution everyone is looking for. Meanwhile, areas already visited by the rollout has slow or no internet connection at all.

These scenarios are still on the rise and should not be happening. But with the networking giant’s incompetence, we’re stuck with something we have no idea if there is a solution at all.