Australia has a New Esports Body

January 31, 2018
esports 2018

A new esports body has been announced, but the internet is still the same—slow and faulty.

Different bodies have teamed up and formed a new oversight body for the esports in Australia. Known as the Esports Games Association Australia, it was created to “work with players, teams, managers, organisers and sponsors” to “improve the structures and standards for the whole industry and help advance the Australian esports scene” of Australia and New Zealand.

“The vision of EGAA is for a unified, supportive scene that nurtures stability, growth and fairplay for esports in ANZ,” according to a press release. “Among its initial services the EGAA will provide members with access to an industry conference, facilitate communication, networking, professional development and education, provide an avenue for engagement in esports for members with government and business, assistance in league and organisation structure and more.”

The founders of the new body are executives and members of the legal fraternity, gaming teams in the country, ESL Australia, and the components industry.

EGAA has provided the list of founders:

  • Chris Smith (Corsair) – Board Member
  • Daniel Chlebowczyk (Double Jump Communications, CouchWarriors) – Board Member
  • David Harris (Guinevere Capital, Dire Wolves) – Board Member
  • Eranga De Silva – Member Services Manager & Operations
  • Jason Spiller (HP New Zealand) – Board Member
  • Josh Edwards (ViewSonic) – Board Member
  • Mathew Jessep (Jessep Entertainment & Sports Lawyers) – Interim CEO
  • Nick Vanzetti (ESL Australia) – Board Member

Professional gaming is not casual gaming that would only use minimum internet connection speed required in order to play. During practice or tournaments, there should be no lags present any time since this can affect their game play and the outcome of the game.

However, with all the reports filed against the National Broadband Network (NBN), how will things work? We cannot say things for sure, but all we know is that currently there are a lot of people who are having a hard time with their NBN connection. Australians do not deserve such service. We want fast internet, and we want it now.