Analysts: NBN Prices Could Be Slashed Due to Increasing Competition

February 13, 2018

Since time in memorial, the everyday battle of Aussies in having what they deserve has been in existence. This is as if every project of the National Broadband Network (NBN) could be a sun, but is actually a rain in disguise since they would eventually scrap it and burn all the money allocated for it.

However, will this time around be able to turn the tables and let Australians experience cheaper NBN services? Actually, after a great number of complaints regarding high prices for decent internet services has pushed Vodafone to change their pricing scheme—slashing as much as $25 a month on its NBN plans. Along with this, experts are expecting other internet providers will also make the move.

This follows NBN Co’s announcement of dropping their wholesale price for specific plans in order to attract more customers in getting the high-tier internet plans. In numbers, there is more than 80 per cent of subscribers who are under the 25mpbs per second or less plans.

For a clearer explanation, customers who are able to sign up before March 25 will get first dibs on the discount on Vodafone’s 50 megabit per second plan. If the discount is applied, the plan will now be $70 per month. Meanwhile, the top-speed 100mbps plan will have a $15 off, making it $95 per month, while the company’s basic 12mbps plan will be cut by $10 to $60 per month.

NBN Co chief executive Bill Morrow said that the slash in prices will also have another change—more capacity to prevent slowdowns during peak hours.

“Without affordable higher speed plans, many end-users aren’t seeing the true potential of the NBN access network. Customer satisfaction levels fall if expectations of the ‘NBN experience’ aren’t met,” he said last December.

This might be good news for everyone, but all we can do for now is to wait and see if things will really get better. We all know for a fact that NBN is notorious in scrapping plans the last minute and that is why we should also be prepared for what will happen after this.