How to Check Your Internet Speed with Google

February 19, 2018
Google Speed Test

We all know that the internet in the country is faulty and slow compared to other places on Earth. But of course, in order to know the current internet speed of your chosen plan at any given time and to provide concrete evidence of your grievance, you have to conduct a speed test.

Actually, there are many ways of knowing how bad or good your internet speed is. A lot of websites offer this service for free, but one of the tech giants has established their own. Google has its own speed test with just the click of the button. It’s actually quick since you search from the Google search engine itself, meaning the broadband speed test really appears on the search results.

So, if you want to check your speed now, here’s how:


Step #1: Connect to the Internet

Okay, first things first. We all know that you should be connected to the internet in order to, of course, find the speed test and for it to run since it’s going to base the results from your internet speed. Before attempting to check your internet speed, make sure you are really connected to an active network. Once connected, go to to get started.


Step #2: Search the Google speed test

Once you’re on the Google homepage, it’s time to perform the search, Simply type “speed test” on the search bar and you’ll find on the top of the search results is Google’s very own speed test. To get started, click on the “run speed test” button and get real-time results.

Once the test is complete, you’ll see the final download speed, upload speed, latency, server location used in the test, and comments about your current internet speed.

Even though this is not something new, this new Google feature will surely help people know more about their internet connection through layman’s terms. It is important to know more about your internet connection since this will help you in providing evidence once you file a complaint against the National Broadband Network (NBN) or find out ways on how to speed it up through configurations and set ups.