Nokia: 5G Will Help Ailing NBN

March 9, 2018

Nokia has stepped in the 5G fiasco, saying Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) will not be replaced by 5G. According to Nokia’s head of Fixed Networks, this is due to the incoming upgrade of the fixed-line technology, which is expected to carry bigger data allowances and to exceed speeds than wireless.

According to a report by ZDNet, the Finnish networking giant pointed out the NBN will not be replaced by 5G although the networking giant can take advantage of 5G due to its strong fibre backbone. Nokia head of Fixed Networks Federico Guillen said that 5G services across fixed networks will only be made available to run by 2020, and, on the other hand, fixed-line services by that time have already surpassed what 5G can offer.

“Probably a fixed-wireless overall solution can replicate what is going to be provided at 2020, but the thing is at that moment, it’s the beginning of the next generation of the NBN,” Guillen said.

“Which is upgrading the fibre into maybe 10-gig, which is available today from a technical viewpoint, and going closer and closer to the home with fibre to a deeper node in the network to provide 500Mbps with, which they are starting to do.

“Yes, we see that the future wireless technology could provide the same service that the fixed is providing today, but fixed will keep on evolving.”

Another key player has entered the fiasco. This time, a game changer has entered and mentioned the NBN does not need to change and just take on the path of upgrading fixed-line technology. On the other hand, Vodafone, suggests for the NBN to upgrade the fixed wireless sets and make it into 5G. Whichever the NBN chooses the last to say something will be the people of Australia. They are the ones who are going to experience what speeds these could deliver, whether like a turtle or a rabbit.