NBN Still Has No Timetable for HFC Internet

March 13, 2018

Left again in the dark.

National Broadband Network (NBN) subscribers are once again left in the dark regarding updates on recent projects. This time, customers are left in limbo on what is going to happen to the networking giant’s Hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) plans. People already knew about the delays regarding the project, which could cost $450 million, but this time they are left too long without any word.

There were already announcements of the delays last November, saying the project is going to last up to six to nine months. Unfortunately, NBN chief executive Bill Morrow said there is no concrete timeline, leaving users in the dark.

“We’re now conducting upgrade work to improve the service quality on HFC and it’s still too early to be specific on timelines for releasing this footprint but we are progressing quickly,” he said via news.con.au. “I want to reiterate that this was a tough call for us to make but we will not prioritise speed of the build over customer experience.”

As usual, the networking giant released their reports on how much every connection would cost, news.con.au reported. NBN’s report said the $49 billion network experience an increase in the cost of every connection, except fibre-to-the-premises, last year. The NBN is notorious for revealing such information, especially on how much they will need to shell out when it comes to repairs or change of plans due to wrong decision making and last minute changes.

The report also said that 6.1 million homes and businesses are now NBN-ready, there are only 3.4 million areas who are using it. However, those Aussies who are in homes with pay-TV cable are the ones who don’t know when they will be serviced and get connected. Regarding the matter, Morrow said it was “still too early” to know what is needed to be done in order to fix what is needed to be fixed.

There were fixes done, but a lot of households and businesses were included in the collateral damage. A lot of complaints have been filed, and all the users will get is no information at all. When will customers get what they deserve? They want fast internet, and they want it now.