Binary Networks Challenges NBN Fixed Wireless in Queensland

June 1, 2018

Hey, National Broadband Network (NBN), better watch out because there is a new guy in Queensland and they had enough.

Binary Networks, a Melbourne-based internet service provider (ISP), has revealed to the public that it offers fixed wireless broadband service to the public living in Goondiwindi, South-West Queensland, ARN reported. The service was said to have already launched way back in April and is targeting other areas in the country, namely New South Wales towns of Boggabilla, Mungindi, Boomi and Moree and the Queensland towns of Callandoon and Toobeah.

It is evident that the NBN has been slow with regards to providing the people what they want. According to The NBN”s website, the mentioned areas are covered with NBN Co’s satellite offering, but its speed is not enough to help local businesses get connected, Binary Networks CEO Michael Diamond said. With the current situation at hand, Binary Networks took advantage of that “slack.” Mr Diamond said they are covering areas wherein the incompetent networking giant has been slow in delivering its services to.

Currently, the Melbourne-based ISP is working hand in hand with farms and agribusiness to help in making the service reach to other communities as well, especially since there is a significant interest to create access in Toowoomba. This is a must since there are farmers suffering with outages, making tt hard for them to handle their sales. An example of this is the outages being experienced in Goondiwindi. According to Binary Networks, the residents in the region were left without ADSL2+ internet and telephone services.

“Farmers and local business rely on high speed internet for distribution and export of their crops, when the internet is down, the whole town feels the pinch,” Diamond said as quoted on ARN.

Moreover, Binary Networks, along with its local partners, is working with businesses and residents in knowing and understanding the needs of the community.

“The key to this project is our local partners, Commsearch and iWestTech who have been working tirelessly on the ground to meet with local business and residents to build the business case,” he said as quoted on ARN.