NBN Drops NBN Fixed Wireless 100Mbps Speed Tier

June 4, 2018

It has finally happened. National Broadband Network (NBN) CEO Bill Morrow has “killed” the 100 Mbps fixed-wireless service, TechRadar reported. It is reported that the announcement was made before a Senate Estimates committee, with Bill Morrow saying: “We killed it.”

The reason behind this decision is that “there’s not mass-market demand for 100Mbps services” in places it has already been installed and working. Instead of continuing the 100Mbps services, Mr Morrow said they will focus more on providing the 5Mbps speeds to customers who live in remote or rural areas in the country. TechRadar reported this is almost 600,000 premises.

There are “240,000 active users on the fixed wireless network today” and that number is expected to grow bigger in the future, Mr Morrow said.

“If you said for all those 400,000 users we want everyone to have 100Mbps speed to all use in the same concurrency levels in the evening, you would be blown away at the cost. It would just never happen,” He said. Mr Morrow then added that the cost is “billions and billions of dollars” and coming from the taxpayers’ pockets in order to maintain those speeds.

Even though the NBN has said a billion times that what they’re doing is for the benefit of the country, dissatisfaction from customers is still obvious and continuing to affect more and more people. To add fuel to fire, Mr Morrow said that regional Australia “had next to nothing” before the arrival of the ever incompetent NBN to their lives. He also said what these users have now “changed their lives.”

This guy has got to be kidding every single NBN user in the country. It has been evident that complaints are piling up at the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman office. With all the consistent internet dropouts, poor speeds, and incompetent service, the dissatisfaction will definitely continue. And now, the 100Mbps service is scrapped, a lot of customers will definitely not like this decision. Fast internet is what people need, and they deserve to have access to it.