NBN Leveling Up E-Sports

August 22, 2018
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Australia has been levelling up in games. Now, the country is opening its doors to Esports with the National Broadband Network (NBN) reportedly opening new jobs for the Australian esports industry all thanks to faster speeds that allows players to play in better condition. ABC News reported that gamers all over Australia are reaping the benefits, well if provided with the access.

Australia Esports Association (AEA) president Darren Kwan emphasised that fast speeds are a necessity for most esport players.

“The NBN has started levelling out that playing field where more and more players are able to actually equalise what that speed is when they’re connecting, making it a bit more of a fair playing field,” he said as quoted on ABC News. “Every split second reaction counts too, whether you’re going to win or lose.”

Mr Kwan further added that the NBN rollout was able to provide wider doors of opportunities doe players to upskill themselves and participate in online tournaments. All thanks to this, there is also financial growth in the sector.

“The opportunities for prize money is going up as more commerce has flown through the ecosystem,” he said as quoted on ABC News.

Way back in May, the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Sydney 2018 was held in the country and was hailed as one of Australia’s biggest esports tournaments on record, which had 16 participating teams on the roster aiming for a $310,000 prize pool in Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

“Salaries and wages are increasing for players and their support staff, coaches and managers,” Mr Kwan said as quoted on ABC News.

Despite the good news, it all boils down to consistency. The government-owned network provider has been notoriously known to make good results for the first few months, then users will experience the insane experiences other users have experienced, such as consistent internet dropouts, poor internet speeds, and even low-quality customer service.

Esports gaming is a nice profit for the country as it opens doors of opportunities for work and invites tourists and overseas teams to participate in tournaments in order to upskill the country’s team. Since its so far so good, we are hoping that this continues to improve for the better.