NBN to Refund Late Connection Setups

October 3, 2018

Now is the perfect time to wonder about how much money will the NBN shell out as compensation to subscribers who experienced delayed connections, fault repair or even missed appointments of their Internet services — a common occurrence when subscribing to the networking giant. A lot of consumers suffered a long wait, and it’s time for some payback, literally.

The Guardian reported the owner of the national broadband network (NBN) has agreed to the pay the penalties bestowed upon Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which is a part of their ongoing review of NBN Co’s service standards. With this, retailers must pass the rebates given by the NBN to the customers who were affected. The news outlet also revealed the NBN will release changes to wholesale agreements after three months.

This ongoing review happened due to the high volume of complaints the ACCC received from NBN’s customers. In numbers, there were over 22,000 complaints, with more than 14,000 targeting to service quality, while the 8,757 were targeting late establishment of connections.

The review started way back in November, and the purpose of this was to investigate whether the ACCC needs to release a regulation to force NBN to start improving their services.

On the part of the NBN, the networking giant has pledged on renewing itself for the public, saying it will improve its reporting transparency. NBN also said they will release congestion levels in its fixed wireless networks.

The NBN can say all they want about improving things on their part, but will there really be changes? The final judge is the customers. Consumers have always experienced a direct hit from the NBN. This is the verdict if the NBN is really promising changes, hoping this time it will happen for real, with or without rebates.