NBN to Streamline and Simplify Network Operations As it Nears Completion

October 11, 2018

The National Broadband Network (NBN) started a journey with a promise — lands within Australia become connected with each other through fast and reliable internet service. This rollout, a somewhat decade-long project, has affected thousands of subscribers. Despite what the NBN say about their success in the progress of the rollout, subscribers are saying the opposite. It’s still the same old unreliable service they had since day one.

Now, the NBN is opting to finally look at their shortcomings in the past. According to a report by ITNews, the networking giant is planning to finally manage its growing “technological debt.”

Technological debt happens when an easy solution is chosen instead of a long-term solution. And its perfect example is the NBN. Instead of opting for a proper solution, it chose to implement easy solutions during that time in order to continue and meet their rollout deadline.

Now, the networking giant is looking for employees, such as a “general manager of network and IT simplification” for a project that is “across all network and IT technology domains” and will produce “reduced CapEx and OpEx outcomes” for the company. With just this recruitment advertisement, it goes to show that the NBN is looking for someone who can help in making a strategic technology goal of making their rollout “programmable”.

There have been a lot of downs for the NBN when it comes to its projects, with common scenarios of backing out of a plan already in motion or cancelling a service that was the only option being used by their subscribers. The rollout said it will benefit everybody within the country, however, what the effect of the rollout seems to be the opposite.

The NBN should wake up soon and cut off talk that people don’t need high internet speeds. The people want and need fast internet, and they need it now.