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RRRCC Group Successfully Met with NBN Executives

Will this meeting have a real effect on consumer experience? The public has had enough. A union has been formed in order to tackle consumer problems and come up with solutions on how to improve broadband services in different parts of the country. According to a report by Western Magazine, the Regional, Rural and Remote […]

Manoora Homeowner Suffers From NBN’s Bad Service, Warns Neighbours of the Same Problems

A warning has been sent out. Looks like Manoora residents should be wary of the National Broadband Network (NBN) as a resident shares their experience, warning them of possible issues that may once agreed to connect with the network providing giant. According to a report by The Cairns Post, Albert Jindra waited for six weeks […]

NBN Co Wants Australians to Migrate to NBN Much Quicker

NBN Co wants customers to migrate to their services as soon as possible. This new strategy wants customers from legacy services to get out of their subscription and transfer to the NBN as the connection giant is “making an effort” to lessen the problems caused by customers who decide to make their move in the […]

Despite NBN Rollout, Digital Divide Widening in Australia

The digital divide is what needed to be destroyed, but it seems that the National Broadband Network (NBN) is just contributing in widening the gap with its current rollout project. According to the latest Australian Digital Inclusion Index, the digital divide has become wider and wider, placing a huge gap between the richer and poorer […]

NBN Testing Multicast to Boost Distance Education

NBN Co already started its six-month trial of multicast services under the Sky Muster in making an effort to help the education sector regarding distance education. Trials have already begun on August 21 and will end around the end of 2017, according to the National Broadband Network. This may sound good to be true since […]

NBN Tax Costing Consumers Up to $60 Million Annually

Prices are on the rise in Australia as a new tax has been making it towards turning into a reality. Dubbed as the “NBN tax”, this newly proposed tax will be able to get up to $60 million more from consumers just for them to access the internet. And this new tax was not welcomed […]