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NBN Prices Not a Factor When Consumers Opt For Slower Plans

Another reason to be mad about. National Broadband Network (NBN) CEO Bill Morrow has done it again by saying the uptake of high-speed internet has nothing to do with NBN’ pricing since prices of the services will only cost an extra $2 per week.   During his speech to the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) […]

NBN Outage in Southern Riverina Was Poorly Handled by NBN Co

  Southern Riverina residents experienced phone and internet connection outage while the National Broadband Network (NBN) was doing their upgrades.   Upgrades are a normal activity to be done by any company. However, this upgrade appears to have bypassed an important protocol on customer service—perform announcements. According to reports posted on social media, residents of […]

NBN Sky Muster Speeds Need Thorough Review

  Due to the issues of constant fluctuations of connectivity and never ending consumer complaint over the reliability of the NBN’s Sky Muster satellite service, the labor are calling for a review of the Sky Muster. In 2015, the NBN have launched Sky Muster in hopes of introducing a better satellite service compared to its […]

NBN Skipping Homes with Challenging Path for Installation

With so many homes around Australia still waiting for the National Broadband Network to finally pick up its work up and running on the premises still without access to the NBN, NBN Co is once again taking the easy way out. Currently, the NBN has classified homes that it has trouble connecting to as “service […]

Another Study Shows that Australians Want and Need Fast Internet Now

Truth be told, Australians have been struggling with their slow internet connections that seldom reached the retailer’s promises for a long time. Their demands for fast internet with quick implementation are not a myth, and there is evidence to prove it.   According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest figures on Australia’s internet activity, […]

NBN Makes Sky Muster 2 Satellite Operational

With a failing service quality and the blatant lies of improving rural satellite internet coverage wrapped around NBN Co’s sputtering Sky Muster satellite, the company is hoping that the activation of the second satellite launched last year will finally solve the problems surrounding Sky Muster internet. After months of testing, Sky Muster II satellite has […]