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February 19, 2016

The Never-Ending Internet Nightmares


Unusable nbn™ Internet services, slow data speeds, service dropouts, delayed network connections, and missed nbn™ installation appointments – these are just some of the numerous complaints that are piling up at the Office of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) and plaguing Australia’s largest and most expensive infrastructure project. In the TIO 2014-15 Annual Report, Acting TIO Diane Carmody noted that the number of nbn™ related complaints has risen by 70 percent. She mentioned that they appear to be linked to the accelerated nbn™ rollout.

Australians have long been enduring crappy Internet service ever since it was introduced in the country three decades ago, especially those living in the regional, remote, and rural areas. The ambitious National Broadband Network (nbn™) project of the previous Labour government could have raised the bar higher with its plan to deploy a full Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) rollout, with the remainder to be covered by satellite and fixed wireless technology.

But the succeeding Coalition government’s decision to abort this plan poses greater challenges, particularly its insistence on the use of the technically inferior fibre-to-the-node (FTTN) network. The Coalition’s pursuance of a multi-technology mix strategy of using and upgrading the century-old copper network and the hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) cable systems of Telstra and Optus is turning out to be more expensive to maintain and operate, as well as taking a much longer time to complete than the original nbn™ design.


Sinking Deeper Into the Mud Pit of Frustration

With the delays in the initial nbn™ deployment, the country has passed up a unique chance to become a global leader in the digital economy. Currently, Australia has one of the slowest Internet speeds in the world and lags behind in comparison to a number of other countries. In the latest Akamai “State of the Internet Report” for the Q3 of 2015, Australia has dropped to rank No. 44 in the Global Average Connection Speeds, an embarrassing 3 places lower than its previous rank during the same period a year ago.

The country trails behind its Asia Pacific neighbours, such as New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. Network engineering expert Dr. Mark Gregory from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, attributed this decline partly due to the Federal Coalition government’s decision to switch from FTTP to copper-based network.


The iWFI Community & Why We’re Here


The iWant Fast Internet (iWFI) Australian Community was organised to promote awareness and help give voice to the people who were left out in the nbn™ rollout map. iWFI advocates for fast and reliable Internet for Australians no matter where they are in the metropolis, or out in the outback. Our aim is to build online petitions that can be used as a political voice for people who want a fair go at receiving fast, reliable, and affordable broadband.


About The iWFI Community Forum

The iWFI Community Forum is a platform where you can voice your opinions, complaints, and concerns about the need for a top-notch broadband Internet experience in Australia. Here, you are free to rant, introduce yourself, and share your story. This serves as a community website where everyone concerned can participate in forums, sign petitions, write an open letter, share your stories on Internet issues with other people, get sound advice, learn from our relevant blogs, and receive updates on the nbn™ rollouts, and other media releases.

Through participating in this community forum, you can be enlightened on varying views and opinions, get engaged in quality discussions with fellow concerned Australians, and become an empowered citizen in nation building.


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On iWFI, you can get the latest Internet news and stories, learn about the challenges and controversies surrounding the nbn™, know the state of the broadband connections, especially in the regional, rural, and remote areas, and other timely issues affecting the digital economy of Australia. It also highlights the importance of having a speedy and quality Internet system as a development tool for a sustainable future.

We highly encourage iWFI members and readers to actively participate in the forum and submit your stories. You may write and send us an open letter and we will publish it online.


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